Nematode Paradoxical Activity of Naturally Occurring Biologically Active Compounds

Narender Chaudhry


Powdered leafs of neem, datura and cannabis plants were evaluated for their nematicidal activity against rice cyst nematode. It was noted that nematode count per gram of soil in control mixture (untreated) was 8,000 however in case of neem treated soil was 2500, in datura it was 6000 and in cannabis it was 5000. Possible paradoxical activity of plant extracts was further found, as nematodes from neem treated samples, exhibited sluggish movement and were “J” shaped however nematode count having straight slender body was nearly equivalent in both the treated and non-treated samples directly emphasizing the fact that mortality was not significantly increased after addition of the extracts into the soil but nematodes possibly failed to move at sufficient rate in order to pass the baermann’s funnel test.

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