A review on Therapeutic Potential of plant derived natural compounds

Md Riyazzudin , Meenu Sharma, Gurlin Kaur , Narender Chaudhry


All over the world antimicrobial resistant is a subject of great concern in public health and also in the designing of strategies for current therapeutic protocols. Various infectious diseases are treated using plant as they contains a wide range of useful substances. During secondary metabolism active compounds produced are usually responsible for biological properties of some plant species used throughout the globe for various purposes, including infectious diseases. A wide variety of secondary metabolites are present in plants such as tannins, terpenoids, alkaloids and flavonoids, which have found in vitro and are known to play effective role in treatment of various diseases. To overcome the issue of drug resistance caused by various drugs, this review attempts to summarize the potent role of plant extracts as an effective treatment strategy.

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