DNA Fingerprinting technology: An exhaustive review

Shruti Sethi , Purushottam Hazari, Inderjeet , Rajshree Khare


DNA Fingerprinting is the technology which is used to identify individuals on the basis of the molecular characteristic of the DNA. The technique is used in the various fields. It can serve in solving the cases of paternity. It solves the legal cases by matching the DNA samples obtained from the source with the suspect. DNA Fingerprinting is also used in wildlife investigation but the technology used here is not highly developed due to the presence of the markers. DNA Profiling is used for evaluating genotype of mango. The technique of DNA Fingerprinting is very sensitive. It can also generate data even from the halfly decomposed biological material. In this article an attempt is made to elaborate the changing scenario of technology in recent years as well as to present some real cases where different variants of the DNA fingerprinting technology were successfully applied in solving cases in our labs.

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