Editor's Desk


Dr. Rajshree Khare

Chief Editor 

Dear Readers and Colleagues,

On behalf of Bio-Chemiae Acta Journal, I warmly welcome all of you to our journal. Our goal is to provide readers with important information about scientific discoveries and technological advances, promote scientific collaborations, as well as to contribute to the development of the countries. We strongly believe that the success of BCA will remarkably contribute to promote the advancement of science, technology, education and economy of many countries. With the motto “Science for betterment”, we are working diligently to develop BCA into a bridge, connecting scientists with readers and fostering multidisciplinary collaborations in science and technology. Please support and join us in this meaningful project for a brighter future of mankind. We assure you that we will maintain the high standards of peer view with the team of internationally recognized Editors on the Editorial Board of the journal. It is a non-profit project and is available online in English language.

Once again on behalf of BCA team it’s a great honor to welcome you all to this journal. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the impact of chemistry, of methods and tools in particular, on biology research.